VS hair appliances are the most popular brand tools all over the world and they are essentially preferred by many fashion stylists in UK and Europe. Its philosophy is to show & keep a hidden supernatural beauty through keeping the shape & balance of hair by the most beneficial tools. As it were, it’s to fulfill the beauty of perfect human through VS hair appliances for the human’s instincts that pursue the beauty. Vidal Sassoon hair appliances have been sold in local department stores, electrical store, lifestyle store, supermarkets and all distributors. The function of all VS hair appliances has been certified through
plenty of test in hair shops and also, they are developed for easy home use. ​

1950 Elected as member of Royal Academy of Arts in UK
1954 Opened the first hair salon in Bond Street of London & invented the new cut technique
1963 Developed ‘Vidal Sassoon bobbed cut’ style
1974 Developed the chemical liquid product for Asian hair and the Tools of Vidal Sassoon
1985 Co-worked with P&G to execute the vision and philosophy on all of VS product
1995 Tools of Vidal Sassoon is being the agency brand of Conair (Far East) Limited